Controlling Power BI Filter pane visibility with Bookmarks

by Welcome to Marquee Insights

I was working with some bookmarks in a Power BI model earlier when I noticed that in some cases the Filter pane was expanded and in other cases, it was collapsed. I was intrigued so I started investigating.

It seems when you save the bookmark, it now retains the open/close state of the Filter pane. I believe the Display option within the bookmark has to be set in order to control this. So, if you wish to show the Filter pane by default on a report, expand it in the PBI Desktop and update your bookmark. Collapse it and save bookmark if you want it collapsed by default.

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One Response to “Controlling Power BI Filter pane visibility with Bookmarks”

April 28, 2021 at 4:40 am, YK said:

Is there any way that I can keep it as is based on user’s selection?


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