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Thank you for the great response!

I created a video last week called the most interested time sheet audit report, mainly as a tongue-in-cheek way of introducing the cool functionality of Power BI over what is normally a dry reporting topic. The response was great! So great, that I’m putting together a hybrid class to teach people how to use the new Power BI.

For those about to crunch, we salute you.

Heroic Business Intelligence attendees should be those who really like to crunch the numbers. These may be Finance people, IT, Marketing or others. They don’t have to have deep technical skills. They also don’t have to be using Project as I’m not focusing strictly on Project for this class. They should have a need to analyze data for themselves and for others.

Hybrid > Traditional Classes

I’ve always hated it when I’ve crammed my brain full of new knowledge for a few days, only to lose 80% of it by the time I got back to work. So, I’m teaching this as a hybrid class. By that, the instruction will occur online live via a webcast with an interactive chat. All sessions will be recorded so if you can’t attend at the time, you can see the recording. You will also have access to the course material and any updates for as long as they are hosted. There will also be a private forum for attendees to share thoughts and ideas.

Peer Support

I attended a class structured like this last year. I still talk to my class peers nearly everyday. The network alone was worth the price of the class. The approach also allows you more time to absorb the content and apply it in your environment. I’m also hosting an Office Hour session each week, so that you can ask more detailed questions without having to do it during class.

Join Us Today, Registration Closes Aug 20th

I see this more as a journey and less as a class. If you want to join us, click here.

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