How to sort your dataset columns alphabetically in Power BI

by Welcome to Marquee Insights

Power BI Accidental Tip

This tip came about by accident. I was working on a new class exercise for when I came across an easy way to sort your dataset columns alphabetically.

While column search in the Query Editor makes this less necessary, it is very useful when working with DAX where you are in the same data grid and scrolling left and right. Yes, you could use the field search or the field picker, but I prefer for my dataset to be in a predictable order.


This tip works right now with the March 2018 release of Power BI Desktop. There’s no guarantee it’ll work with future releases of Power BI Desktop.

OK, so how do I sort my dataset columns alphabetically?

  • From Power BI Desktop, click Edit Queries
  • On the Home tab in the Query Editor, click Choose Columns
  • Click the AZ button in the upper right and select Name
  • Click OK
  • Click Close and Apply.

Yes, that’s it. Now your dataset columns are sorted in alphabetical order. Normally I do this as my last transformation, after all others have been specified.

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