New Book: What Does Your Data Say?

by Welcome to Marquee Insights

Are you ready to learn how to engage executives with metrics that matter? In our new #PowerBI Book, “What Does Your Data Say?: With Conversation-Centric Design”, we take you through a design process that ensures alignment of business intelligence content with business needs.

The advantages of this approach are three fold.

  • Ensure the dashboards and reports are aligned to an explicit business information need
  • Increase adoption of the developed dashboards and reports as they have context for how they should be used
  • Easily communicate the investments you are making and why since the business need provides the context.
    • For example, you are building content for the VP Meeting and the PM weekly meeting will come next.
    • This is much easier for non-technical people to understand than you are augmenting the data in the data warehouse by adding three tables and 15 measures.
    • They also have a better context for prioritizing investments.

You can get the printed book here: If you buy the printed book, you can get the eBook as well for an additional $1.99.

If you want just the eBook, you can get it here:

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August 16, 2019 at 12:47 am, admin said:

If you use Amazon Matchbook, you can buy the physical book and get the eBook version for only $2.99 more.


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