Power BI Goals Mobile – First Look

by Treb Gatte

If you are just hearing about Power BI Goals, check out https://marqueeinsights.com/power-bi-goals-introduction-part-1/ where we introduce the feature.

In Part 2, we go through an unboxing of the feature https://marqueeinsights.com/power-bi-goals-introduction-part-2/

In Part 3, you learn the mechanics of setting up Power BI Goals https://marqueeinsights.com/power-bi-goals-introduction-part-3/

In Part 4, we discuss how to use Power BI Goals for OKR management. https://marqueeinsights.com/power-bi-goals-and-okrs/

Power BI just released an update to Power BI Mobile client that supports Power BI Goals! Power BI Mobile apps now support Goals! | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI

Below we have a first look at this functionality. Mobile use is key to Power BI Goals usage as we use our phones as second screens when working remotely. Post any questions you may have in the comments below.

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