Our training + active mentoring helps you grow your intelligence culture.


Grow and succeed for the long term with Marquee InsightsTM training + active mentoring. The most successful efforts create cohorts of like skilled employees. We structure training so that you create cohorts that can help each other later. The learning doesn’t stop when class stops. We have active mentoring sessions for a number of weeks to solve real world problems and reinforce learning.

Create an intelligence culture with the Marquee InsightsTM training + active mentoring. Your employees will have increased rate of learning, as well as better adoption of your intelligence tools and practices into daily work processes using industry best practices. Better understanding of your data and intelligence techniques will help make your organization more knowledgeable, efficient, and effective.

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Intelligence culture is the organizational culture of using artificial intelligence and business intelligence tools and techniques to improve decision-making. It requires focus, trust, and understanding of staff and decision-makers of the information and insights created and conveyed.


Many ICs are initially formed as voluntary groups of initially interested employees. Successful adoption of Intelligence culture involves widespread agreement that this is the way to excel together. Voluntary groups tend to reflect the priorities of their founders and may not align with management or encourage knowledge sharing. Also, when the group founders go back to focusing on their assigned job responsibilities, the groups often languish and wither from lack of attention.


Our training + active mentoring offering is cohort based, meaning that typically 12 employees will have the same learning and mentoring experiences. This leads to mutual assistance that isn’t based on the personality of a group founder. It helps establish a sustainable community to grow and succeed for the long term. Your organization benefits quickly from the experience.

We provide the training sessions virtually using 2 two-hour sessions per week for four weeks format so that attendees have time to integrate their learnings. All training is recorded and those recordings are provided to you. We then follow up with active mentoring sessions for 12 weeks to ensure that your employees are well-supported in their learning journey. The pricing is per class, not per student, so you are encouraged to fill the room!

We facilitate intelligence culture using the following methods:

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Active mentoring sessions where participants can get answers to questions and share their successes.

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Emailed content for internal consumption, curated for the organization’s specific interests.

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Scheduled periodic calls so that people can learn about new and upcoming features.

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Executive advisory services help you invest appropriately for your needs of today and tomorrow.

We firmly believe that we learn best together and we succeed together.

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