TIP: Set the Default View In Project Pro

by Welcome to Marquee Insights

If you have a preferred view that you use in Project Professional that is not the Gantt view, it gets a bit tedious to change the view every single time you open the application. The easiest thing to do is to change the default view setting so that your preferred view is displayed when the application is opened.

To update the default view used:

  1. In Project Professional, click File, Options, General
  2. Under the Project View section, click the Default View dropdown and change the value to the desired view (highlighted below)
  3. Click OK to apply the change


One Response to “TIP: Set the Default View In Project Pro”

September 09, 2013 at 1:30 pm, Andy A said:

Any tips to help me out… Just switched to Project 2010 using it continually every day, I have been using 2007 off and on for years. I have some questions/concerns I can’t seem find answers to via internet forums/searches. These seem like major usability issues to me, and I can’t believe that the Microsoft Project development team has not improved upon these. Sure there are work-arounds or macros or paging up and down continually…. Am I missing something?!!?

–Is there a built-in way to unfilter, expand all, ungroup, etc … Show me everything? I have a small macro but it doesn’t seem to show me all tasks every time

–I have a large project and use filters to focus in on tasks during meetings. In project 2007 I could collapse and expand the task’s parent/summary/roll up, this would unfilter the other child tasks in that group. This does not work for me after upgrading to 2010. Its frustrating not to be able to see those other tasks

–F5/goto task… I use this all the time jump between tasks (to see what a predecessor is for example). Is there a way to make project goto a task even if that tasks is not visible(filtered or “rolled up” for example)? I can use the “Task Form” to see predecessors, but a lot of times just seeing the “Predecessor Name” is not enough… I need to see the parent(s) to see the context. There are numerous tasks that all have the same name, the parent(s) let me know which version it is referring to.

–even better, is there any way to make the predecessor column data hyperlink to the task references? For example if the predecessor for task 1000 is task 10, I’d like to double-click, ctrl-double-click or something to jump to task 10 (so don’t have to page up 50 times or F5 & type 10 (which fails because of the previous issue)

–one last thing… A “back button” would be great for jumping back through the tasks… Any way to get one in 2010?



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