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Your business success depends on making the right decision at the right time. You need reliable and timely data to support that decision. We work with you to get control of your data and create better visualizations of that data.

As a manager you might feel you have no data, incomplete data or are drowning in data. According to a McKinsey survey, only 18% of companies believe they have the skills necessary to gather and use insights effectively.

Marquee Insights can help you. You need a partner who both understands what is possible with technology as well as your industry and organization’s challenges to get the business intelligence you need.

Marquee Insights delivers best practices, solutions and expertise and our clients continue to work with us because we focus on the human aspects of adopting business intelligence.

Integrating the data into the way you work yields the most value. Together, we’ll identify key questions to answer and build the plan to deliver your BI solution. And to empower your people, we scale ongoing mentoring services to ensure successful long-term adoption of your new BI solution.


“Marquee Insights makes it very easy for the “uninitiated” to develop their idea into a real process or capability while keeping us in a best practice environment.”

–Sr. Program Manager, Kaiser Permanente

“I was immediately productive after training. The coverage of both beginner and advanced topics, using a building block method, enabled me to produce advanced results right away. It is a fantastic course that I think every executive should take.”

-Rocket, VP Engineering, TrinTech

Featured offerings

Invested in Microsoft Power BI? Get to value quickly.

Industry best practices – encoded. Use Marquee Insights™ Quick Start offerings to get out of the box reporting built on Microsoft Power BI. Quickly get insight from Microsoft 365 including SharePoint and Microsoft Project and connect to many other data stores.

Marquee Insights™ BI Community of Practice

Grow and succeed for the long term with Marquee Insights™ Business Intelligence Community of Practice. This managed offering gets your people up to speed and keeps them knowledgeable to build ongoing insights for your organization. Get expertise & know how in the context of your work to build skills and your internal capabilities.

Some of our clients

Customer success stories

What do you need to accomplish?

Quick Start: Marquee Insights™ Business Intelligence

Get your reports in days, not weeks, with our jump start solutions for Microsoft Power BI and other business products. Now available for Microsoft 365 including SharePoint, Microsoft Project Online, ServiceNow, and CA PPM.

Build your data culture:
Executive Advisory

Deliver executive briefings and advice for strategic direction changes, and demos of new and changed technology as well as considerations for future planning. Combine decision analysis skills and portfolio management for future success.

Use our Marquee capabilities to build your business intelligence solution

Microsoft Power BI Training

As a Microsoft certified partner, we provide both public and private Microsoft Power BI training for you and your organization. Training can be delivered in person or virtually, anywhere in the world. Microsoft Power BI training is available for business analysts and for report consumers.

Microsoft Power BI Implementation Planning & Execution

Together, we build and deliver a fully working Microsoft Power BI solution that addresses your business needs. We then help you implement it in a maintainable way within the organization.

Marquee Insights™ BI Community of Practice

Marquee Insights™ Business Intelligence Community of Practice is a managed CoP offering that enables a sustainable community to grow and succeed for the long term. Your organization benefits quickly from the CoP experience without the overhead of having to create and manage it.

Microsoft Power BI Custom Development

Our staff can work with you to define your needs, design and implement Microsoft Power BI based solutions and implement them to your organization.

Microsoft Power BI Concierge Service

Let us meet your immediate business intelligence needs, by developing your Power BI content and managing the solution, allowing you time to learn the new tools.

Let’s talk about your needs.

A conversation is the quickest way to determine how we can best help you. Schedule time today to discuss how we can be of service.

How to work with us

We focus on what you do

Conversation-centric design™ is how we engage with our customers to develop and implement your data culture. We realize that planning for business intelligence solution can seem daunting. Our human touch will guide you through the conversation to ensure all the areas are handled. Many clients approach us when they are either beginning with their Microsoft Power BI journey or have attempted to go it alone and are facing challenges. Our offerings are designed with both situations in mind.

We charge for a outcome, not a person’s time

All our services and tools are fixed price as you are buying an outcome, not a person’s time. Offerings such as advisory and training also include all of our related expenses, such as travel. This ensures you get the outcome you purchased and you only have one amount for budgeting purposes. Our experience is that this puts focus on the outcome, not the accounting.

This also mimics what we do in our everyday lives. For example, we wouldn’t want our heart surgeons to bill by the hour. Would you really want her to walk away from you in mid-surgery because the hours have been exhausted? Neither would we.

Let’s get started

To get started, we’ll schedule a meeting to discuss your needs and desired outcomes. Once we’ve agreed on the scope, we’ll send you a Statement of Work with pricing and start date for you to approve and sign. Once signed, the work begins.

We provide and host a Microsoft Teams channel for us to collaborate on your effort. This allows us to easily share files, comments and schedule meetings without things getting lost in email.

We look forward to working with you.

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