Learn about some common questions and confusion around Power BI Goals.

This is an an “unboxing” post on Power BI Goals so that you get a quick look at the major parts of the feature.

Learn how to use Power Automate to do a flexible Round Robin assignment where you can dynamically mark records on or off duty.

Screen Shot of Power BI Goals

Power BI Goals help you visualize and monitor your business’ statistics, analytics, and metrics (SAM) over time. I’ll show you how to…

Smiling Lady happy that she is using parameters in her Power BI models

Learn how to set up and use Power BI parameters in Power Query and DAX to make your models more maintainable.

The ability for Cortex to help facilitate the transformation of data to knowledge, however rudimentary in this first step, is the innovation we have needed for nearly 70 years.

Updated: January 30, 2020 This page is a resource page that we will augment as needed. Listed are some of our favorite resources for those just getting started with Power BI. Where Do I Start? You have a choice. Either you can prepare yourself with the core concepts before starting with Power BI or you […]

This post addresses a common scenario where a business unit may have multiple copies of the same Excel file that they need to aggregate into a consolidated data set for reporting.

Learn how to work with SharePoint Multi-value columns in Power BI!

Many organizations who use Office 365 use SharePoint lists to keep track of data. It can be any number of items. We’ve seen process information, project tasks, inventory, and more being managed in Power BI. Power BI provides a SharePoint list connector that connects to the SharePoint OData connector. Theoretically, it should make the connection […]