How To: Connect Project Pro to Project Online

by Welcome to Marquee Insights

Here’s a quick article on how to connect Project Pro to Project Online. The question seems to come up on a regular basis so I’m documenting it here.

In Project 2013 and Project Online, Microsoft added the ability for Project Pro to autoconfigure the connection to Project Web App. However, to make this happen, you need to start in PWA.

  • Navigate to your PWA site
  • Go to Project Center by clicking Projects tile or Projects in the Left Navigation
  • Click the Projects tab to display the ribbon
  • Click the New button in the ribbon
  • Click the In Project Professional option in the dropdown menu
  • Project Pro will open a blank project, after a brief pause
  • Close Project Pro without saving anything

Project Pro is now configured to open and edit projects from Project Web App.

Going forward, you should open your project from PWA as opposed to Project Pro. This is the future interaction direction. The Edit button provides an option to edit the project in Project Pro.

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