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Video Updated October 4, 2023 for Latest Product Versions SharePoint lists are a common way to store and manage data in Office 365. You can use them for various purposes, such as tracking processes, tasks, inventory, and more. However, if you want to analyze and visualize your SharePoint data, you need to use Power BI. […]

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Many business processes rely on documents, such as PDFs or handwritten forms, to capture and exchange information. However, these documents are often unstructured and difficult to process automatically. This can lead to inefficiencies, errors, and delays in decision making. What if you could transform these documents into structured data that can be easily analyzed and […]

A new update to Power BI Goals enables a given goal to have multiple owners. Clients found many cases where having a single Goal owner wasn’t representative of organizational realities. Microsoft took this feedback and enhanced the feature to support the scenario. To add multiple owners to a Goal Edit your scorecard by clicking Edit […]

One of the changes that happened over the holidays is that Power BI Goals is now available with only a Power BI Pro license. This means you can try this out if you have Power BI Pro or Office 365 E5 (which contains a Power BI Pro license). Take a look at our Power BI […]

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Available today is the ability to rearrange your Power BI Goals with your mouse! You can drag up and down to reorder your goals.

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Here’s your first look at the Power BI Goals changes as announced at Microsoft Ignite. These changes are rolling out to tenants now!

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This series start discusses why Power BI Goals are a great fit for those new to Power BI and what three key decisions are needed.

Take a look at Power BI Goals functionality in Power BI Mobile!

It was just announced that two big changes are rolling out to Power BI Goals. We will have the ability to filter which goals we see as well as set the Goal Status automatically using rules. We are very excited by these changes! Check out the video below to see them in action.

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Using OKRs today or want to learn how to use Objectives and Key Results using Power BI Goals? This post will show you how to support OKRs.