Power BI Goals available now with a Pro License!!

by Treb Gatte

One of the changes that happened over the holidays is that Power BI Goals is now available with only a Power BI Pro license. This means you can try this out if you have Power BI Pro or Office 365 E5 (which contains a Power BI Pro license). Take a look at our Power BI Goals series here and check out the goodness!

UPDATE: Note, scorecards can only be created in v2 workspaces. If you have a v1, the option will not appear.

CLARIFICATION: If you use Pro licenses, the same licensing rules as with reports applies. Both scorecard creator and consumer must have Pro licenses. Embedding scorecards in SharePoint or Teams will not change this requirement.

2 Responses to “Power BI Goals available now with a Pro License!!”

February 20, 2022 at 5:21 pm, Egbert de Jong said:

“….and consumer must have Pro licenses”
Not the ones doing checkins right? They can be added via goals permissions i assumed


February 21, 2022 at 12:33 am, Treb Gatte said:

Hi Egbert, anyone, including those doing check-ins, will require license coverage. So in this case, that will require a Pro license. In the US, the Federal Government says the US average fully loaded cost of an employee is $65/hour. The full annual price of a Pro license is $120. Therefore, I can cost justify a license if I save that employee 2 hours of time per year. We’ve seen larger savings on a weekly basis. Investments like this frees the employee to do higher value work. We’ve also seen where these savings resulted in a reduction of open positions, which is a hard cost savings. Hope this helps.


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